Time: Setembro 28, 2019 23:00


Event Type: concert, Concertos, tour

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João Mota and Pedro Franco, born in Setúbal, appear as anti-storytellers. They are the two halves of this sound agent that, in the middle of the symbiotic process, proposes to lodge in our ears with the assumed intention of leaving us some ghosts that they believe to be common to all. After their very well received debut album “Of not having time” released in 2014, they return in 2016 with “Pulse” their latest work.

Rock, Folk, Blues



Badhands is the musical project of Dublin songwriter and musician Dan Fitzpatrick. He recently released his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Predictable Boy’, having been known previously for his work with the likes of Paddy Hanna, Maud in Cahoots, and The Mighty Stef. The album features musicians Tom Cosgrave, Aoife Ruth, Chris Barry and Ken Mooney, and upon release it received much praise from critics, earning comparisons to, among others, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Tom Waits and Lee Hazelwood. The record was made album of the week by Dan Hegarty on RTE 2fm and the band’s first two singles, ‘Waves’ and ‘Monday Morning’, have both received considerable airplay on national radio, and have also been performed live in session on shows such as Arena on RTE Radio 1, and Bobby Kerr’s Big Breakfast on Newstalk. The band have been packing out venues in Dublin since their first gig at the end of 2017, as well as playing some notable supports such as Vicar St. opening for Michael McDonald, and upon the release of Predictable Boy embarked on a successful nationwide tour.

The album was the product of 2 years work, the end result of which is a collection of vivid, textured songs that range in tone between dark and brooding to frantic and energetic, with moments of genuine euphoria weaved in to the mix. The record is beautifully intimate but also has an accessibility that will quickly capture the imagination of the listener. The band have recently begun work on album number 2.